Duane Mann

Duane Mann is of Maori – Ngāti Kahungunu/Tuhoe (mother) and Tongan – Neiafu, Vavaʻu Tonga (father) descent.

Ponsonby was home until the early 60s, his family then moved to Kelston, West Auckland, for more space and a larger home. His parents raised five boys and also extended family siblings.  He is a proud born and raised ‘Westie’ with strong family and working connections across South Auckland.

What Inspires you?

“I am continuously inspired by my parents and whanau by all their actions and behaviours in achieving their big goals but also in all the small everyday things they do. My wife and 3 adult children always give me inspiration and focus.”

Current Work 

I am the Strategic Relationship Manager for The Cause Collective. A large part of my role is to build and foster strategic partnerships and engage with key stakeholders to help influence and drive a systems change approach. I am focused on the reduction of risk factors for major health loss and to improve health equity for our Maori and Pacific communities.

The majority of my career has been in coach education and athlete development within the sport sector from grass-roots to high performance sport. My passion has always been about helping others to live well and using sport as a vehicle to find and be your best self. I believe strongly in the spirit of team and community and the synergy of values within our Maori and Pasifika cultures.  Working with the Cause Collective and Healthy Families align with where I want to serve, challenge and continue to grow.”

What is your vision for health and wellbeing in South Auckland?

“That people and families are happy, live well and live long.”

What is one funny/quirky/interesting thing that no-one knows about you?

“I am the master of knowing the chorus of just about any song without knowing the full song and proper words.”

Strategic Relationships Manager
em: duane.m@thecausecollective.org.nz

"I am committed to seeing that our people and families are well enough to live a long & happy life"