Data sharing for student wellbeing

The Ministry of Education has agreed to open up pathways for information sharing with Healthy Families Manukau, Manurewa-Papakura in order to improve wellbeing for South Auckland students and their families.

Education settings are significant in the hugely complex system which influences health and wellbeing in communities.

“It’s vital to work across sectors to achieve lasting systems change”, says Leilani Unasa, Settings Coordination Manager, Healthy Families Manukau, Manurewa-Papakura.

A systems approach challenges the view of rushing to find solutions. Instead time is spent understanding the problem and the underlying issues.

So the first step for the two parties has been getting around the table to share what data is collected in each sector to identify what is known and what needs to be understood better.

“By working closely together, we will identify points to leverage in the system for greater impact”, Leilani says. “That’s what Healthy Families NZ is all about”.

Building a picture of wellbeing and education in South Auckland

  • 119 schools
  • 300+ early childhood education centres
  • Almost 1 in 3 food outlets are takeaways
  • Many takeaways are within walking distance from one or more school and/or are located in proximity to transport links (where schools kids go to and from school)