Four week challenge: Hope for community container to stay

Do Good Feel Good ACTIVE SKWAD leader,  PJ Luatua kicked off a four week fitness challenge at the community container at Imrie Reserve in Māngere.

Around 50 people attended PJ’s first training session, and there are hopes more Māngere locals will join in the coming weeks.

The group training sessions get participants moving between stations and include, sprints, burpees, weighted squats, kettle lunges, and battle ropes. The high intensity workout sessions end with shadow boxing and pad work followed by stretches.

PJ says the long term goal is to keep this going on a weekly basis.

“The more people who show up the better it is for everyone and our community.”

In the past Imrie Park has been underutilised by the public because of the negative connotations associated with the park.

“Since the roll out of the One Love initiative in the area there has been a positive shift in thinking around the park and it’s potential to be used for the greater good of the community,” says PJ.

Imrie Park has become a central meeting point for many of the One Love activations and community events.

Do Good Feel Good Youth Mobiliser, Chillion Sanarevi is proud of the members who are in the ACTIVE SKWAD as they continue to positively contribute to their community.

“The four week challenge is a youth-led initiative, we simply provide the platform and they are committed to changing the community they live in. Improving health and wellbeing in Māngere is part of that kaupapa,” says Chillion.”

Part of ACTIVE SKWAD’s mission is to create positive spaces to improve health and wellbeing for young people in South Auckland.

The community container is proving to be an invaluable resource and base for Māngere locals with many taking advantage of Imrie Reserve.

“My hope is that the container stays here permanently, so we can continue to use the space, with rugby season starting up it’s  good to get our people ready for summer,” says PJ

Training sessions are suitable for all fitness levels and utilise the exercise equipment which is stored in the all community container.

The four week fitness challenge is free and open to the public from 3.30-4.30pm every Monday until the 24th of June at Imirie Reserve in Māngere.