Healthy Families mahi highlighted in new report  

Healthy Families South Auckland’s work has been highlighted in the Public Health Advisory Committee’s (PHAC) recent report, Rebalancing our Food System

This report, the first released by PHAC, underscores the necessity for the government to adopt a more proactive stance in ensuring that New Zealand’s food system benefits all citizens, asserting the right to access nutritious and affordable kai. 

PHAC chair Kevin Hague says that while the food system contributes to national prosperity, it also leads to food insecurity, poor health, and inequities.  

“The government needs to take a more active role in ensuring the food system is working for New Zealanders, and that New Zealanders’ right to access nutritious, affordable kai is upheld,” he said. 

The report makes 13 recommendations, including: 

  • Develop a National Food Strategy to deliver a rebalanced food system that upholds Te Tiriti. 
  • Resource and enable community leadership to strengthen local food systems. 
  • Improve the nutritional content of food through a comprehensive reformulation programme. 
  • Implement regulatory measures to support healthy food environments for children and young people, including restrictions on marketing, advertising and sponsorship of unhealthy food and drinks, healthy food and drink policies in schools, and a levy on sugar-sweetened beverages. 

Healthy Families South Auckland lead systems innovator Julio Bin was interviewed by PHAC’s engagement team for the report and spoke about the work being done in South Auckland, including the Papatoetoe Food Hub and Good Food Road Map.  

He also emphasised the importance of Healthy Families New Zealand’s contributions to the report’s recommendations, including its own 2022 National Kai Impact Report

“Initiatives such as the Papatoetoe Food Hub showcase the need for community-led enterprises providing good and affordable food in our communities,” Bin said.  

“Food Hubs are a beacon within the Good Food Road Map ambition towards systems change. Like the Food Hub, many well-structured initiatives across the country can together create a powerful movement towards resilient and sustainable local food systems in Aotearoa New Zealand.” 

Hague underscored the importance of supporting local leadership and solutions to improve food environments, highlighting Healthy Families New Zealand as a prime example of building community capability and systemic change at the local level. 

“There is a real opportunity for the government to build on the lessons learned from Healthy Families New Zealand,” Hague said. 

Read the report: