Papatoetoe Food Hub Gives Community Healthier Alternative

An exciting new initiative in Papatoetoe is making it easier for the community to access and enjoy kai.

Papatoetoe Food Hub project at the old Papatoetoe netball courts has the simple aim of making it easier for people to get good kai and sets out to establish a place which models how we can create access to good, affordable and healthier food for our communities.

Healthy Families South Auckland manager George Makapatama says this initiative works towards the long-term goal of seeing South Auckland communities enjoy food security, where all people have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food.

“By providing a space for people to learn and share information about food production, consumption and disposal – this will increase demand for desirable, affordable, nutritious and real food.’’

The iconic 12.5 metre White Lady Food Cart which has been donated to this project, has been operating in the Auckland’s CBD since 1974 by the Washer family, and will now be used as a commercial kitchen space and enables multiple cooking teams to produce a variety of cuisines simultaneously.

The Papatoetoe Food Hub project has also received support from commercial catering business Silver Chef Ltd and CityCare who, will both provide a varity of equipment and upgrades to the Food Hub site which will ensure we can use the site for a greater range of activities.

“Through brokering strategic relationships, leveraging our assets and providing mentoring and learning opportunities, we should see a sustainable community-led food enterprise,” says Makapatama.

“In time, this can facilitate region-wide policy and behavior change to ensure there is reliable access to affordable and nutritious food.”