Pita Alatini

Pita Alatini was born to his Mum (Foui) and Dad (Kolovai) in Tonga and moved to New Zealand when he was two years old, whereupon his family settled in Ōtara.

Pita is a former All Black and has significant experience as a professional athlete in NZ and almost 10 years in Japan. He has held roles as the Director of Rugby for the Pakuranga United Rugby Club and a Technical Advisor for the Tongan rugby team.

Pita is passionate about Sport and Movement initiatives and has become really interested in a social change approach.

What led you to working at Healthy Families South Auckland?

After years of playing professionally and working on the rugby field, as much as I loved it, there was a void. I want to help my Pasifika and Māori people thrive in life rather than just survive! 

This provided the environment for me to explore and work within cultural frameworks to create sustainable change for our South Auckland Families to live healthier lives.

Who inspires you and why?

I have two parts. 

First, my Mum and Dad who left their homeland to provide more opportunities for their kids. It’s hard to think that they uprooted themselves, with no english or accommodation, and worked whatever job they could to keep their dreams alive for their kids.

Then there’s my family- Megan and my kids; Tonica, Tiara and Trey. They teach me to challenge myself, achieve more while always having my back. I’m grateful!

What is your vision for health and wellbeing in South Auckland?
That our Pasifika and Māori people will live well balanced lives and understand their health responsibilities, which will keep their wellbeing status in a positive light.
What is one funny/quirky/interesting thing that no-one knows about you?
I get called ‘Yoga Pete’ or ‘Party Pete’ by my kids. Two extreme behaviours however I do enjoy both.
Systems Innovator
em: [email protected]

I want to see our Pasifika and Māori people thrive rather than just survive in life!