Rinnai staff and community benefit from workplace wellbeing

Healthy Families Manukau, Manurewa-Papakura is supporting leaders in workplace wellbeing to create sustainable change that improves health for their workforce, as well as the wider community. A huge portion of our community’s time is spent at work with this environment holding great potential to influence our wellbeing. From having more energy and feeling happier at work, to increasing productivity and reducing staff absenteeism, workplaces are an ideal place to support and promote healthy habits and contribute to a healthy community.

This month we celebrate Rinnai. Located in the airport district in Mangere, the heating systems company is driving the creation of health promoting environments within the workplace system, showing transformational leadership within their community.

In 2016 Healthy Families Manukau, Manurewa-Papakura worked with more than 100 staff at Rinnai, prototyping wellness initiatives and performing a needs analysis across all departments. We also connected Rinnai with local champions and service delivery partners to support healthy eating and increased physical movement outcomes. Alongside a newly-formed staff sports team encouraging regular physical activity, a review of the office vending machine has been undertaken and a vegetable garden is being set up on site for staff to grow and harvest fresh vegetables.

The Healthy Families NZ approach amplifies locally created health initiatives that improve the health and wellbeing of families and communities. This month Rinnai reports sustainable change onsite with wider, long-term impacts amongst staff, families and the local business district. Employees have changed the diets of their families and are working to further reduce the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages in the home. Through the work, spearheaded by health and safety manager Kevin Sherlock, Rinnai is a great example of leadership for healthy communities.

To find more about leading workplace wellbeing that influences wider community wellbeing, please email Lesley Maipi: [email protected]