Showcasing the impact of Healthy Environment Approach in local government

Healthy Families South Auckland and The Southern Initiative have published two case studies showing the impact of the Healthy Environment Approach (HEA) initiative within Auckland Council settings.

Navigating Local Government for Systems Change focuses on the implementation of HEA within community grants and leisure centres over the past three years.

“These case studies demonstrate what a public health role could look like in local government by putting community health outcomes at the core of key decision-making processes, therefore making positive change for our community,” says Healthy Families South Auckland manager Winnie Hauraki.

“Healthy Environment Approach is about improving people’s health by improving our environments, so it is important for us to publish our strategy and explain how we have demonstrated change when using the HEA initiative.”

Healthy Environment Approach involves four simple health principles which are designed to make Council supported operations more consistent in their community health response and help Auckland Council be a leading health promotion organisation in Aotearoa.

The four HEA principles are:

  • Wai water is the easiest choice
  • Good Kai for all
  • Champion Smokefree, Alcohol & Drug Free
  • Encourage movement

The Southern Initiative general manager Gael Surgenor said in a recent article that local government can play the most influential role when it comes to making real systemic shifts to the wellbeing of our communities.

“The work being done by the Healthy Families South Auckland team with HEA is helping Auckland Council to realise and maximise its potential in helping improve the health of the communities we serve.”

“This type of work has shown that it is simple changes which can have long-term health outcomes for the future of our tamariki and demonstrates the positive impact that local government makes.”

Case Studies
Navigating Local Government for Systems Change – Leisure Centres
Navigating Local Government for Systems Change – Community Grants