Manu Karangaranga amplifies the sounds of nature

A unique retreat sanctuary Manu Karangaranga (sound shell) is on display in Manukau’s Hayman Park to celebrate Matariki. 

Manu Karangaranga was a unique feature of Te Mata o Rehua Market held at the end of June.

The result of a ‘Maramataka in Manukau’ co-design initiative between The Roots, Healthy Families South Auckland, Panuku South Placemaking and other community groups, the sound shell in Manukau aims to reconnect the community with green spaces through maramataka.  

The group met nearly six months ago and began to explore ways to incorporate maramataka into Manukau and came up with Manu Karangaranga, a prototype to amplify the sounds of nature into an urban area. 

The striking structure was built by Otara raised Architect, Waikare Komene, founder of The Roots Creative Entrepreneurship. 

“My role was to weave everyone’s ideas together, they came up with it, one thing that the group identified was the need to reconnect back to nature, and how we do that in this concrete jungle we live in today.”

“The co-design group settled on exploring the five senses and using those senses to guide the design process, that’s where the concept of a sound shell look and design began to take form.” says Waikare 

The concept design uses energy phases in the Māori lunar calendar to harness the healing vibrations of nature. The market fell on the maramataka moon phase of Omauri, a day that gives permission to slow down and unwind. 

The Sound Shell explores how Māori knowledge systems can influence waiora (wellbeing) by encompassing physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing for people through harmonising with the ebbs and flows of our environment. 

Healthy Families South Auckland Kaiārahi Mason Ngawhika, says “Manu karangaranga is about creating a space for the orchestra of nature that gives people space to chill out.”

Native bird songs echoed into the urban setting outside MIT which brought a multi dimensional experience to those walking past the structure. Manu Karangaranga also amplified the acoustic harmonies of local performer Puna Hotene which could be heard across Hayman Park during the Te Mata o Rehua Market.

Waikare says the unique design has received interest from the Auckland Waterfront who would love to see more designs like Manu Kahrangaranga at the viaduct for everyone to enjoy. 

Manu Karangaranga is currently in Hayman Park outside MIT and available for the public to use and enjoy until the end of July.