Wellbeing initiative gets underway at iTraffic

The 2021 Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) Workplace Wellbeing Ecology Initiative has kicked off at Independent Traffic Control Limited (iTraffic).

Last week the team at the Workplace Wellbeing Ecology team at The Cause Collective, led by Lead Systems Innovator Nicola Dennison, were up early (4:30am) to join the iTraffic crew for their morning toolbox at their depot in Mt Wellington as part of Phase 1 of the initiative.

“It was great to meet the team this morning and get their insights about workplace wellbeing at iTraffic,” says Nicola.

“The first phase of the initiative is about building the evidence, so we utilise a paper survey for staff to complete as well as get them to write down their feedback on post it notes to several insights that we have, which we collate and then apply as part of phase 2 (designing for change).”

“Thanks to the team for their openness and discussion this morning. We saw and heard from a group of people who enjoy working at iTraffic because of a family environment which is great,” she says.

ITraffic is a New Zealand Māori and Pacific owned business that specialises in the planning, design, implementation, and management of Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) services for all road levels, for all situations, nationwide. They have over 220 staff and a fleet of 100 vehicles working out of locations throughout New Zealand.

George (main image) has been at iTraffic for 18 months and is enjoying his time there.

“I really enjoy working here, there’s a strong comraderie and relationship with one another. There are many ethnic groups, but we are one whānau,” he says.

“I’ve been at iTraffic for just under two years and it’s a strong family orientated company,” says Teesha (image above).

“When I think of Workplace Wellbeing its about safety of our people, individuals as well as a team. Everyday I look forward to coming to work. iTraffic has opened my eyes and broadened my horizons.”

Phase 1 of Workplace Wellbeing initiative also involves a design session with a core team of iTraffic staff comprising of senior management and frontline workers who will design innovation solutions to positively disrupt the workplace system that influence the underlying causes of chronic disease and workplace distress including anxiety, frustration, escapism, disengagement, and demotivation to name a few.

Watch here: Wellbeing initiative at iTraffic